Defense of the Ancients 4.4

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Defense of the Ancients 4.4
Title: Defense of the Ancients 4.4
Type: Hero Defense
Land: Ashenvale
Size area: 128x128
Playable area: 116x116
Recommended players: 5
Posted by:
24.02.2005 09:43:00
1976 2151

DOTA 4 series by Quantum.dx Original DOTA by Eul.

File size: 1904kb.
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Other versions: defense of the ancients
• 4.4 • 4.3b4.3a4.2c4.1d4.1b4.043.95C3.93.9c3.9b3. of the Ancients TFTDefense of the Ancients

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Recommended players for this map: 5v5
Detailed description of the map Defense of the Ancients 4.4:

Models/Skins/Icons/Triggers: Natlaw, Raydex2000, veragood, Ydoh, h0pesfall, Moonblaze, Yoda_24, Skalm, PencilGod, Recnamorcen, Mrpizza, FrozenOrb,, Roach, Clotaire, Caederis, Cookie, acornandrew, Psylisia Dragoon, DrunkenDwarf, EvilSilvir, FunkyToast[A, Allenthar

Beta Testers: MysticSyn, ThorsPride, GhoulsRHot, bigmo21st, Iflana, ThePict, Drewrhot, GotGluck, shyguy_ko, Raptos, Toed, Haiku, Mr.Pez, ArcticWolf, I_luv_sunghilee (thanks guys for seeing dota 4 through many many versions before being released) and thanks to the TWC community for its continueous support.

Here is the list of the items the Blacksmith can forge for you. Purchase any one of his items and collect the matching items and bring them to him.

Socketed Gauntlets can be combined with:
- Belt of Giant Strength
- Claws of +9
- Gloves of Haste

Socketed Amulets can be combined with:
- Generator
- Point Booster

Socketed Plates can be combined with:
- Void Stone
- Hyperstone
- Energy Booster
- Dark Orb

Each arrow attaches to its target increasing the damage each time the same target is attacked. If the target dies while under this effect, it will explode causing damage to nearby hostile units. Level 1 - 2 bonus damage, 40 incineration damage. Level 2 - 3 bonus damage, 55 incineration damage. Level 3 - 4 bonus damage, 70 incineration damage.

The ranger dips her arrow in holy water then fires it at an enemy undead unit. Causing it initial damage and prolonged damage over 10 seconds. Level 1 - 50 strike damage, 5 duration damage. Level 2 - 100 strike damage, 8 duration damage. Level 3 - 150 strike damage, 10 duration damage.

With her incredible mind power, the Mind Stalker drains 500 of an enemy target's mana, leaving the target confused and slowed for 1 second. This ability can also instantly kill a summoned unit. Once learned, this ability will not cost the Mind Stalker any mana to use.

The Ranger summons hunting spirits which are only able to live in this world for a limitied period of 6 seconds. The spirits have the ability to drain mana when hitting a target. Level 1 - Creates 1 Hunting Spirit. Level 2 - Creates 2 Hunting Spirits. Level 3 - Creates 3 Hunting Spirits.

Removes buffs from targets within an area and can also damage summoned units for 200 hp at a high cost of the Mind Stalker's mana. Level 1 - 120, AOE, 10 seconds cooldown. Level 2 - 150 AOE, 9 seconds cooldown. Level 3 - 180 AOE, 8 seconds cooldown.

Blacksmith: Welcome to my shop! If you bring me a compatible item and purchase an item from my store, I will merge them for you at no extra cost.

Press F9 to view the list of items that the blacksmith can forge for you.

MORBAZAN: Hey..! What's that around your neck? And hanging from your pocket? That staff you're carrying.. those are all mine! Pieces of my Flux Staff.. I've been looking for it for generations. Come back to me again if you want to give them to me..

The Forest Giant's strength gives allies units around him extra courage which allows them to increase their damage output. Level 1 - 5% increased damage. Level 2 - 10% increased damage. Level 3 - 15% increased damage.

A spinning blade technique that damages all units around the Juggernaut. Level 1 - 45 damage per second, lasts 20 seconds. Level 2 - 50 damage per second, lasts 18 seconds. Level 3 - 55 damage per second, lasts 16 seconds.

Each arrow attaches to its target increasing the damage by 2 each time the same target is attacked. If the target dies while under this effect, it will explode causing 40 damage to nearby hostile units.

Upon picking up this ancient shield, the hero gains an additional 6 armor, +3 to all stats, as well as 15 damage reflected back on melee attackers. This effect does not stack with Thorns Aura or Iron Maiden.

Drains 30 life from the target unit per cast. Targeting an enemy unit will cause the Krovikan Vampire to cast this spell until it runs out of mana or until the targeted unit is dead.

After aiming for a moment, the Dwarven Sniper will fire a shot with much increased range and damage. Level 1 - range, damage. Level 2 - range, damage. Level 3 - range, damage. Level 4 - range, damage.

Increases the feral rage of all units near the Commander, increasing their damage. Level 1 - 10% increased damage. Level 2 - 20% increased damage. Level 3 - 30% increased damage.

Fires an exploding shell at the target unit, dealing splash damage to that unit and surrounding units. Level 1 - splash damage, 200 AOE. Level 2 - splash damage, 250 AOE.

The Void Demon is a master of space and time. He can control a single enemy with relative ease, but he is not very suited to large scale combat. Excellent Disabler.

A putrid being to the core, the Venomancer excels at damage over time attacks. He is also capable of damaging multiple units at once. Excellent Offensive Caster.

A saber that consists of roiling, burning lava. The carrier gains increased damage of 14, with a fire splash effect. The sword can also launch up to 5 bolts of fire at enemy heroes.

The Ranger summons 1 hunting spirit which are only able to live in this world for a limitied period of 6 seconds. The spirits have the ability to drain mana when hitting a target.

Drains life from the targeted unit until not enough mana or until the unit is dead. Level 1 - Costs 6 mana, deals 20 damage. Level 2 - Costs 8 mana, deals 30 damage. Level 3 - Costs 10 mana, deals 40 damage.

The Ranger summons 2 hunting spirits which are only able to live in this world for a limitied period of 6 seconds. The spirits have the ability to drain mana when hitting a target.

Allows the Mind Stalker to damage a target using her mind and confuses the target, forcing it to cancel its current attack. Level 1 - Deals 70 damage. Level 2 - Deals 100 damage. Level 3 - Deals 130 damage.

The Frost Maiden is capable of dealing freezing blasts of damage to multiple units at the same time, although very weak when engaged in melee. Makes an excellent Defender.

A mysterious demon from the depths of hell, the Krovikan Vampire is adept at taking the life from others as well as procuring blood from his targets to feed his massive bloodlust.

The Mind Stalker unleashes her mind power by converting her health points into mana. Level 1 - 250 health for 150 mana, 7 second cooldown. Level 2 - 250 health for 400 mana, 6 second cooldown.

A once peaceful Archdruid who walked the forests of Kalimdor, the Soulrender is now corrupt, and uses his beneficial spells to aid in the destruction of mankind. Makes an excellent Support.

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The Lifestealer is a destroyer of all life. Although not exceptionally durable, his damage output against an enemy hero is high. Makes an excellent Assassin.

Converts an area of trees into Treants. Level 1 - Raises 1 Treant for seconds. Level 2 - Raises 2 Treants for seconds. Level 3 - Raises 3 Treants for 60 seconds.

The Lunar Matriarch excels at ranged damage. She is adept at controlling the stars and energies of the moon. Makes an excellent Offensive Caster.


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